For more than 80 years, UWT Logistics, LLC has proven a steadfast commitment to high quality, flexible service.  Our passion is to extend our warehouse and fulfilment experience and services to meet and exceed all of your logistical requirements. When we work together in partnership, your clients will feel confident that you will deliver the goods as advertised.

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Domestic Freight Brokerage

UWT Logistics understands that physically delivering the goods to your clients can be costly and tedious.  We can arrange your shipments for you via our In-House Domestic Freight Brokerage so that you can focus on other important business transactions.  We will work with our preferred carriers, whether Truckload or Less-than-Truckload, to make sure your customers receive the goods as smoothly and cost effectively as possibly.

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Dedicated service professionals

We view our experienced management team and well-trained staff as an extension of your business.  We will strive to exceed all your expectations by understanding your logistics needs (as well as the needs of your customers) to provide the most productive service at the most cost-effective price.  At UWT Logistics we understand the importance of each and every shipment and will take every step possible to minimize risk, loss, and damage of your product.


Warehouse Services:

  • Order fulfilment
  • Inventory management
  • Order Processing
  • Pick and Pack
  • Labeling
  • Kitting
  • Cross-docking

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