• World Transportation

    UWT can help your business expand into the growing, global economy.

  • Warehousing

    Let us handle all your warehousing needs in our modern one million square foot facility.

  • Domestic Transportation

    UWT can handle all your domestic transporation management and shipping needs.

  • Centrally Located

    Our home of Memphis, TN is known as the "Distribution and Logistics Capital of the World." See how we use this to your advantage.

Since 1934

UWT Logistics has been a world leader in supply chain services, helping manufacturers and retail distributors achieve competitive advantage in the storage, control, and transportation of product.

What We Do


Located in the distribution capital of the U.S., UWT has over one million square feet of warehouse space available and is adequately equipped to store your goods. Our unique warehouse management system helps you achieve a supply chain competitive advantage. We offer inventory control, barcoding, web-based ordering, and electronic data interchange.


Our in-house transportation brokerage is a value-added service that helps our clients move their inventory smoothly and cost-effectively. Whether it is same-day shipping, transportation management, cross-docking or freight forwarding, we have the right transportation solution for you.


Customized repacking is always critical to efficient consolidation, storing and shipping. At UWT, we offer pick and pack, small package processing, labeling, kitting and packaging. These value-added services, combined with our innovative technologies allow you to remain focused on your core competencies while still being in control of the fulfillment and distribution process.


Many manufacturing companies need an organized set of parts delivered to a work area. Having the parts organized and delivered conserves space on your production line, prevents forgetting to install a part and helps prevent damage to the parts. UWT specializes in implementing lean processes to eliminate waste in kitting your parts and can have the kits anywhere in the continental U.S. within 24 hours.