Edging Forward: UWT Logistics offers an example for growing a company

There is a company in Whitehaven that deserves your attention — not just because of its business success, but because of its interest in, and follow-though on, empowering the community.

UWT Logistics may not be a familiar name to the average Memphian, but in the logistics industry the family-owned company, founded in 1934, is a leader.

This 150-employee company has two locations: one right around the corner from Whitehaven High School and the other at the corner of Louisiana Street and South Third.

I have had the privilege to get to know Chris Williams, UWT Logistics’ chief executive officer. His passion for social change is strong — and it’s helping shape the company’s culture.

UWT Logistics has been a world leader in supply chain services, helping manufacturers and retail distributors achieve competitive advantages in storage, control, and transportation flow of product. They serve clients in the areas of warehousing, transportation, repacking, and consulting. This is great commerce and activity, right in the heart of Whitehaven.

But it’s the economic and community development aspect to the company that has me impressed.

Company executives have created UWT University for career and personal development, providing instruction on everything from industry certifications to financial literacy, parenting, counseling, language, health and wellness.

You see, UWT Logistics realizes that just employing people is not enough; in order to create real sustainable impact they need to invest in people. The focus isn’t just on employees: UWT Logistics also endeavors to become more involved in its community.

This is the social empowerment that many times is missing in neighborhoods, not just in Whitehaven but all over the city.

Sure, one company alone is not going to be able to solve all of our social problems, but at least they have the right attitude. Their door is open to listening and learning how to help.

It’s vital that others active in the Whitehaven area reach out and collaborate — including leaders of the Graceland area redevelopment, Aerotropolis, area retail centers, and service and social groups like Whitehaven Kiwanis.

With civic-minded companies like UWT Logistics providing leadership, and the right results-driven attitude, it’s quite possible to bring more investment and commerce to communities like Whitehaven.

The seeds must continue to be planted.


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