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Order Fulfilment

UWT Logistics utilizes a Tier 1 Warehouse Management System to track and control the flow of your goods within our warehouse for fast and easy distribution. This allows us to reduce labor cost, increase accuracy, and provide greater service by reducing cycle times which adds value to your company and bottom-line. Inventory control is crucial because insufficient inventory means lost sales and costly back orders and excess inventory adds overhead costs, insurance costs, and taxes. Overall, controlling inventory maximizes ROI.


Barcoding allows for quickly scanning and identifying the product by transferring structured data from one computer system to another. If applicable to your business model, this helps achieve efficiency and ensures quick movement of the product, as well as reducing manual data entry errors.

UWT Logistics also performs specialty types of project fulfilment like Relabeling, Repacking, kitting, and cross docking.

Warehouse Space

With over one million square feet of warehouse space and decades of experience, UWT has the expertise to store your goods and manage that step in the supply chain. We utilize a warehouse management system, inventory control, barcoding, and web-based ordering to ensure that you, the customer, always have an accurate count and control of your inventory. At UWT, we are here to serve you and will customize our warehousing services to meet your needs.

UWT takes pride in abiding by industry standards upheld in accordance with the International Warehouse and Logistics Association.  We are also active members of the Southeastern Warehouse Association, where Calvin Ozier and John Ozier have both served as President.  You can trust that our quality is recognized and respected by the highest accreditations and business peers across the country.

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