UWT Growing

A new transportation company started by UWT Logistics in Memphis has turned multi-million dollar revenues in its first year. How? Here’s part of what John Ozier, President, and Chris Williams, CEO, of UWT Logistics had to say!

UWT Logistics opened in 1934 as a simple operation called United Warehouse. It had about three clients and 150,000 square feet of warehouse space when Calvin Ozier bought the company in the mid-1990s. Ozier remains the majority owner. A couple years after the purchase, Ozier’s son John came on board and the company began branching out.

In January 2012, UWT Logistics began operating United Warehouse Transportation with about eight trucks and a handful of drivers, some of which came through the acqui¬sition of another small transportation company. Its initial revenue was just under $1 million, but a year later that has grown to about $6 million in revenue and 25 trucks. Chris Williams expects to have 45 trucks total in a couple months criss crossing the country and plans to end the year with $8 million to $10 million in revenue.

Now their strategy is to continue looking for growth op¬portunities. Ozier and Williams said diversification will also help them trump variables like fuel costs, which fluctuate dynamically
Repackaging is one area the company is exploring. We are strong in repackaging things for customers,” said Williams, the CEO, noting that he plans to add 15 full-time jobs in that area this year.

In sum, transportation afforded opportunities that warehousing did not, John Ozier concludes.

Article From the March 2013, Southeastern Warehouse Association Newsletter.

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